Helmet Policy

Oakfire has researched far and wide whilst risk assessing the advantages and disadvantages of participants wearing helmets.
The argument regarding wearing of helmets is well discussed with many opinions from various sources.

The advantages of wearing helmets are:

• Protection to the head when striking a hard surface from a fall (Oakfire Adventures does not operate high rope elements over rocky areas, tarmac roads or concrete areas )
• Protection to the head when struck by a falling object. (Oakfire Adventures does not operate high rope elements below hazards of any kind)
The disadvantages of wearing helmets include:
• Risk of entanglement
• Creating an unfounded sense of invulnerability & false sense of security resulting in participants taking increased risks
• Risk of asphyxiation by strangulation
• Impaired peripheral vision resulting in lack of awareness
• Discomfort causing distraction thus reducing concentration
• Ill fitting helmets offering poor protection
• Insignificant protection to the head from a fall

Oakfrie Adventures risk assessment concludes that the increased risks resulting from wearing a helmet outweigh the benefit of a reduced risk to injury of the head.