Welcome to the Oaks

The Oaks main building was constructed between 1785 and 1790 by James Acheson, a prominent business man in the City of Derry. Before that the townlands of Stathall & Tamneymore, which comprises the demesne, were hotly sought after due to its geographical nature and positioning on the River Faughan.

Originally thought to be part of the Goldsmiths Company lands it was in fact a Freehold gifted to John Freeman in the early 1600’s. After the lands were vested from the Acheson & Lyle families by the Irish Land Commission it was then sold to the Allen’s post 1921.

Looking to the future

The Oaks has been home to many people over the years and has always been closely linked to the people & communities surrounding the area.

One such neighbour is The Woodland Trust who have invested greatly in the Valley creating one of four centenary destinations across the UK, the other three being in Wales, England and Scotland.

There has been many ventures from bleaching mills, agricultural endeavours, breweries, bee hives and much more.