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Derry / Londonderry


Zip / Tree Trekking and aeriel

 Pricing details

Tree Trek Adventure

10-17 years - £18
Adult - £23

Longest crossing: 28m
Highest Platform: 23m
Longest Zip: 105m

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Zip Trekking Experience

10-17 years - £15
Adult - £20

Longest crossing: 28m
Highest Point from river: 50m
Longest Zip: 550m

Duration: 1-2 hours

Aerial Challenge

10-17 years - £28
Adult - £33

Longest crossing: 28m
Highest Point: 50m
Longest Zip: 550m

Duration: 2-3 hours


Restrictions and Supervision

You must be at least 1.40m (4’7”) tall, weigh less than 120kg (19st).
All participants must be 10 years of age or older.
For any participants aged 10-15, one adult (18+ years old) is required for supervision (max ratio 1:30).
Adults can supervise from the ground or up on the course.
16 and 17 year olds can supervise themselves but not others.

Oakfire Paintball

 Pricing details

SessionSpeedball*Half-Day (Oct-Apr)Half-Day (May-Sep)Full Day**Extreme Full Day
Approx Games3-45-65-68-128-12
Pizza *** £5£5£5IncludedIncluded
Approx Games3-45-65-68-128-12
Session Length2 hours3 hours3 hours5 hours5 hours
Oakfire 1

Game details

* In a Speedball session your game zone format is set to 'Wheels of Fortune X1', Fort Montgomery X2' & 'Supairball X1', this is a quick session as the name suggests. On a half day you can get to play in the bigger game installations as we have more time.
** Full & extreme full days cannot be run on a Saturday due to demand, if you really want to play it you can always chance your arm and ask. Full day sessions need min 18 players to go ahead.
*** If you want Pizza (half of a large Domino's 13.5 inch pizza per person-selection offered) add £5-00 to the Speedball or Half Day Session. Pizza is automatically included in a Full & Extreme Day session. Please let us know you require food while booking the Speedball or Half Day Session.
(Note: Prices quoted per person, all players must be 16 or older)

Gift Vouchers

An Oakfire Adventures gift voucher is just about the most awesome present you can get your loved ones / friends or colleagues. Redeemable on all of our activities.

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