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Full Aerial Challenge

We're ready...are you?

This is the big one, the daddy bear, our Full Aerial Challenge is where to head if you want to test yourself physically and mentally on our most adventurous activity available.

Tarzan swing

Before you go

  • Safety First!

    First and foremost, you'll be harnessed up and checked by our friendly and professional staff. Safety first, craic second!

  • Equipment brief

    An instructor will run through a quick safety and equipment brief with the group, followed by a short run on our mini zip by each participant. It has to be done!

  • Buckle Up!

    Once we're happy you're capable, its time to fly!

    Come and enjoy yourself in our fierce and stunning terrain.

  • Have fun!

    Complete the course, enjoy the views and have a bit of craic with your mates!

Aerial Restrictions

  • General

    All participants must be 10 years of age or older.

  • Physical

    You must be at least 1.40m (4’7”) tall, weigh less than 120kg (19 stone).

  • Supervision Ratio

    One adult can supervise a maximum of 25 minors (10-15 years). For any participants aged 10-15, one adult (18+ years old) is required for supervision (max ratio 1:25). Adults can supervise from the ground or up on the course.
    16 and 17 year olds can supervise themselves but not others.

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Course Details

Our Full Aerial challenge is a mecca for thrill seekers who love canopy high tree-to-tree crossings, free-fall Tarzan Swings and riding super-fast, very long zips.

Full Aerial Challenge!

This is the combination of our Tree Trek Adventure and Zip Trekking Experience, exciting grown-up fun in the great outdoors.

Safety System: Continuous Belay

Duration: 2-3 hours (depends on group size)

Longest Crossing: 28m

Highest Platform: 23m

Highest Point: 50m

Longest Zip: 550m




Check the forecast and dress accordingly. Bring gloves if it's a cold day.



Wear clothes you don't mind getting grimy. Wear flat, closed toe shoes suitable for the outdoors.



Tie up long hair, tuck away necklaces, remove hoop earrings and cover your waist.


Let's Go!

Opening Hours


Evenings, mornings, weekends, basically anytime as long as there is daylight.

To check availability, for queries & questions, please get in touch.